Eagles Golfing Society of Waikato

What is an Eagle?

The name Eagle was adopted by a group of senior Auckland golfers who came together in 1956 to assist junior golfers. This concept spread throughout both islands and in 1964 the New Zealand Eagles Golfing Society was formed.
The main objectives of Eagles are:

  1. Fellowship.
  2. Assisting with fostering and promotion of Junior Golf, both at club and international level.
  3. Assistance with the Halberg Trust. Nationally the total funds raised over the years exceeds $3.8 million.
  4. Assistance by visits to clubs.
  5. Assistance by effort to organizers of major tournaments, especially those for juniors.

How do you become an Eagle?

In Waikato our number is 80. Admission to membership is by invitation only, extended by the society to people identified for their services to the game, and who will promote the society objectives.
There is no minimum age limit or handicap restriction to joining the Eagles Society and the membership is not confined to men. Women are actively sought as prospective members.
The Society meets on a regular basis at different golf clubs within Waikato to play with the available club membership. It uses the occasion to promote itself to golf clubs and prospective members, always keeping in mind that if a golf club needs support in the areas of administration, then the society has members with the skills to help, and these members are available to support golf clubs in many ways. Partners of Eagle members who play golf are encouraged to attend the Match days and play alongside their partners and the members.
The red jacket. The jacket and monogram were designed by Brian Osmond, one of the founders and now a life member of the Auckland society and patron of the New Zealand Eagles Society. The distinctive attire has remained unchanged for 40 years. The Eagles are proud wearers of it and feel privileged to be able to serve this great game.​

Tony Lewis
027 896 7429

Club Captain
Don Farquhar
07 884 6689


Allan Junge
07-8848606 or 027 478 3352

Junior Golf Convenor
Brian Marcroft
07 825 2852 or 027 496 0064